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Lightning kills more people than tornadoes and hurricanes combined.

Lightning Protection for Commercial Buildings

In the commercial industry, lightning strikes, both direct and indirect strikes,

have the following effects:

  • Evacuation Risks

  • It causes many Workers compensation claims and law suits

  • Costly roof and building repairs

  • Operating down-time while repairs are being made

  • Increased Insurance Premiums

As a lightning protection system installation contractor, we need to understand how a lightning event could affect a particular facility and mitigate potential 

risks in a way that lightning currents will flow in a organized and predicted pattern.  We treat each facility as a unique entity and develop a protection plan using all possible and applicable recommendations with the most suitable product.  We provide unique grounding for towers that are more effective than the normal ground rods.

We are a certified Master Installer Company that will provide


 UFC 3-575-01 and AFI 32-1065

Third Party Inspections:

  •  Lightning Protection Institute - Master Installed Certification

  •  Underwriters Laboratories (UL) - Master Label Certification

Other Services:

  • Provide lightning mitigation for 911 centers and police communication centers ETC. to protect sensitive electronic equipment

  • Install Surge Suppressors that have the best customer value results

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