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Residential Lightning Protection Services


Residential lightning protection consists of protecting the home with a lightning rod

system and protecting the electronics equipment with surge suppressors.


Lightning Strikes cause fire damage; protect your irreplaceable belongings

 by protecting your home.


The Lightning Protection Institute recommends a Master Label lightning rod system be installed in accordance with NFPA 780, UL96 and LPI175. 

Copper or aluminum lightning protection system which consists of

  • Copper or aluminum air terminals(every 20 feet),  and conductor cable, fasteners(every 3 feet)

  • Copper grounding system (lightning rods), with a minimum of two, depending on the size of the perimeter of the residence.

Secondary option:

            Dissipation Array System (Spline Balls), which is designed to discharge the residence and change the path of the lightning away from the house, significantly reducing the chance that the house would ever be hit by lightning.  The spline balls are grounded and designed with 160 points, so if lightning did hit the array, it would act as a lightning air terminal and take the lightning safely to ground, outside the residence. 



Bonding to the utilities and communications is required for equal potential. This includes:

  • Electric

  • Gas

  • Water

  • Telephone

  • Cable


Why is this important?


          If lightning were to hit an air terminal or array system, or an indirect strike were to enter the home                   (a wire struck by lightning which carries the lightning into the home), the lightning would continue its path to ground and could arc over to an un-bonded source, 

therefore bonding is required to avoid arcing.


  • An arc produces a temperature of 50,000 degrees; this will cause an immediate fire

  • When all utilities and communications are bonded to the lightning protection system, then the lightning protection system design will safely take a lightning strike to ground, as intended.


Surge Suppression is also important in residential homes. 

The installation of a surge suppressor on the main panel gives the first level of protection. To get the second level of protection you need to install a plug strip on each sensitive device. 

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