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Commercial Surge Protection


WHY Surge Suppression?    In Commercial Buildings


  • The cost to facilities in lightning related electronic equipment loss is substantial. Loss control managers need to be assessing what can be done to prevent not only the financial loss but also the down time, risk of injury and the loss of the reliability in equipment.

  • When you install surge suppressors it not only eliminates lightning losses but will prevent the transient deterioration of equipment, which causes early replacement. In an IBM study, they determined that using clean power could eliminate 88.9% of the failures.

    • The problem is getting the right equipment installed correctly. It is a vital part of power quality and lightning protection to have the proper grounding that not only meets the National Electrical Code but also meets proper standards for lightning.

  • There is transient activity in facilities every day causing small blisters in the microchips. These blisters can build up and short out the chip but surge suppressors will illuminate this problem.  It is no longer an option to clean up the power,  in most facilities it is imperative to have clean power.  We keep adding more and more sensitive microprocessors to raw power and these computers keep adding problems to the power.

    With clean power you can save in many ways:

  • Personal injuries

  • Equipment damage by lightning

  • Equipment will last longer

  • Equipment will be more reliable

  • Less down time

  • You will use less electricity

  • No bad publicity from emergency services (911 centers) being out of service

  • Save on liability law suits


Conclusion: You will improve your power quality someday so it might as well be now and let it pay for itself. You cannot keep adding non-linear devices to the power without some changes.

Bob Turner



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