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Residential Surge Protection Services

WHY Surge Suppression?    In Residential Homes 


If a transformer box is hit or carrying lightning, from a wire, it could potentially

 bring in up to 70,000 volts into your home.


Protect your whole house from potential fire, and damaged or destroyed electronics, appliances and security systems.

First Level of Protection:

  • The first level of surge suppression, a SPD, on your home main panel, will take the 70,000 volts, from the main power supply, down to 3,600 volts into your home.

  • Electronics are rated to handle up to 600 volts.

  • Besides computers, televisions, , security systems, and even some appliances have become very computerized and equally prone to surge damage.

  • These electronics will “fry” with 3,600 volts, and even wear down with 600 volts.

Second level of Protection:

  • A quality surge plug should be used with all electronic devices.  It will take the 3,600 volts down to a safe level, resulting in no wear on your electronic devices.

  • A surge plug without the first level of protection on your home’s main panel is useless; a surge plug is not designed to handle over 3,600 volts and will fail.

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